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How to Be Free
of Back Pain

Have you failed to see the results of therapy or other programs?
Learn to find the root cause of your pain and get specific DAILY guidance on what to do and when to do it.  The Low Back Fix is interactive and designed for action.
back pain
The Best Tools to
Strengthen your Low Back
Perfectly mixes innovative physical therapy and strength guidance to EMPOWER you.  4 Levels to progress through.
icon easy to use
Easy to Use

You can confidently follow our cues and guidelines from any device, from anywhere.

Multiple guided check-ins help you determine your choices during the program
Access to expert guidance

Not just any physical therapist or strength coach, but the ones that have taught over 1,200 other physical therapists, chiropractors, healthcare practitioners, trainers, and coaches.
On the impact of the program...
Phil W.
Had Chronic Back Pain
"I was pain free after the first week..."
  • 2 years of chronic pain
  • Had spent thousands on doctor and chiropractic visits
  • 7 months into the program and loving it
Michele J.
Diagnosed with Disc Issue
"I did not want to have surgery..."

  • 5 years of pain
  • MRI revealed disc issue; doctor wanted to schedule surgery
  • Chose The Low Back Fix program instead and is thrilled to be out of pain
Nathan M.
Generalized Pain
"...this program EMPOWERS people!"
  • Personal trainer who was always fighting some nagging pain
  • Physical therapist suggested The Low Back Fix program
  • Now he has all his training clients follow the program
6 easy steps!
1.  Personalize your program
Follow our easy to use self-assessment process to help you identify where your movements are most at risk.   Don't worry - we show you exactly how to do it and what to look for.   To start, you only need to complete 6 quick assessments.
2.  Know exactly which movement patterns to target
The results will tell you which of your basic movements are dysfunctional.  

Believe us, a number of your movements WILL be dysfunctional.  The silver lining?  Now you know what to work on.
3.  Follow the Program Created for You
Armed with that insight, you will start the program in your Members Area.  You have the choice of Basic, Custom, and Concierge options - all can be done at home or in a gym.  Our expert team will send you new lessons weekly in your Member Area.
the low back fix plan
4.  Join the Low Back Fix community and our experts
Gain lifetime access to our exclusive Low Back Fix community. The community alone is worth the price because every member is a great connection and potential friend. You'll never be alone through the program.  This is an amazing place to seek advice and encouragement from other members as well as our team of low back medical and fitness experts.
5.  Get motivation and additional guidance
Like anything worth doing, you get out what you put into the program.  Some days that's hard - we know (we've all done the program ourselves).  Some days you'll feel like you have regressed.  We're here to help. 
Our blog, newsletter, and youtube channel are chock full of useful information.  We also provide Office Hours, targeted video messages and insight to members.  And we endeavor to lighten the load of your journey.
6.  Track and Feel Improvement
Your program is broken into Levels.  At the end of each Level you will re-take specific assessments to track your progress and determine if you should move on to the next level.  You will feel a difference quickly, which is great.  Remember though, the goal is to fix movement - which we keep measuring to show progress.
Why the Low Back Fix Works
Pharmaceuticals mask the pain.
Chiropractic care temporarily adjusts your pain response.
Physical therapy often misses the root cause.
Surgery is a significant price to pay for a very low chance of successfully fixing the cause.
In simple terms, only by fixing your movement will you fix your low back.  
Obviously, fixing movement is not that simple.  Doing so requires a specialized doctor, a strength & conditioning coach, a breathing specialist, a massage therapist, a personal motivator and a personal trainer.     

And they all need to work together.

So we got them to work together.   The Low Back Fix is the result.
Use this program to build strength & balance, re-train your movement, and rewire your body's pain response.  Use it to solve your low back pain.
The Low Back Fix has been featured in...
Tackling a Global Issue
We teach these fundamentals to people around the world, from San Diego to Sao Paolo to Sydney.
(And in other places that don't start with the letter 'S'.)

You can get them on your phone, tablet or laptop now.
Your Team Includes...
Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT
Dr. Claudia Chaloner, DPT
Per Larson,
Find the Exact
Plan for You
$149 per month
(or $125/mo if paid annually)
First 14 Days Free
3 programmed days/week +
4th day customized to your specific issues
Assessments + Progressions & Regressions (as necessary)
52 weeks and 400+ hours of guided self-care, balance, strength, power, and conditioning
Exclusive Community Access
Access to Custom Content, extra techniques and webinars
Monthly 1-on-1 live virtual consult with our experts + video review of your movements
$49 per month
(or $42/mo if paid annually)
First 14 Days Free
3 programmed days/week +
4th day customized to your specific issues

Assessments + Progressions & Regressions (as necessary)
52 weeks and 400+ hours of guided self-care, balance, strength, power, and conditioning
Exclusive Community Access
Access to Custom Content, extra techniques and webinars
$29 per month
(or $25/mo if paid annually)
First 14 Days Free

3 programmed days/week

Assessments + Progressions & Regressions (as necessary)
52 weeks and 250+ hours of guided self-care, balance, strength, power, and conditioning
Exclusive Community Access
Still not convinced? (slider w/ testimonials?)
Frequently Asked Questions
How am I billed?
Access to the program is on a month to month subscription basis.  You are billed each month on the same date, and can cancel at any time.
What is your cancellation policy?
There are no contracts.  You may cancel at any time.
If I have a question or need technical support, what do I do?
Ask away!  Think of us as your Coach AND Physical Therapist.  We monitor the private member facebook group and our technical support email between 8am and 5pm M-F (Pacific Standard Time).  You can also call us during those times to talk with our support team.
Is  the program mobile-friendly?
Our platform is optimized for any modern device (i.e. not your old Blackberry or flip phone).  You can use the program on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
What if I am unsure of how to do an exercise?
Every exercise has written and video instruction.  Read and listen carefully to the cues you are given for each exercise or movement, as there’s a ton of knowledge distilled into that guidance.  You can also contact us for more help.
Do I need a gym membership or can I follow this program at home?
While access to a gym is useful, it is not required.  If you do not have access to equipment, there are workarounds for most exercises.
How much time should I set aside on program days?
If you do everything each programmed day (and you should), the exercises take between 40-60 minutes to complete.
I have a specific diagnosis.  Is this program OK for me?
This program can be used by just about anyone.  Sciatica, spondy, bulged/herniated disc, et al.  We've treated all these things in our clinics, and wrote this program to include those issues.  If you would like to talk to us about your specific diagnosis/diagnoses, schedule a time HERE to talk with one of our docs.
How soon will I see results?
Great question.  This of course varies.  Some folks feel distinct differences as early as the end of the first week.  For others it takes a bit longer.  If done properly, you will feel better and be more likely to avoid further issues while on our program.
If I miss a week, can I go back/re-do it?
Let's start by agreeing that your progress is dependent upon your diligence.  Each week your weekly program is revealed to you.  However, if you do miss a week, those are all available to you in your Member Area at any time.
Is this a supplement to my regular routine or should it be the main focus?
We suggest this be all you do for the first 8 weeks.  If you have low back issues, the program is optimal for resetting and building back up the biomechanical issues that are the root cause of those issues.  While you may be tempted to do more (especially once you feel better), please resist that temptation until you’ve had a solid 4 weeks of no pain.
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