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If you're going to take advice from someone about your health and fitness
(especially if it deals with something as complex as your back, shoulder, or knee)
it's usually a good idea to know that they have expert knowledge of what they are giving advice on.

We want you to know that we know a tad bit
about solving and avoiding pain, improving health and fitness
and we are committed to helping you!

Meet Dr. Theresa Larson
 - Co-founder

The basics:
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Former Marine Lieutenant, Published Author, Innovator in Self-Care, co-founder of The Low Back Fix
theresa larson

Meet Anders Varner
 - Co-founder

The basics:
Innovative and highly respected strength and conditioning expert in the fitness mecca of San Diego, founder of one of the most successful fitness centers in Southern California, the go-to trainer for people with back pain.
anders varner
A little info about us to get started! :)
I founded Movement Rx Physical Therapy because I became intensely frustrated with the limited 
effectiveness of a traditional clinic.
physical theraphy
I have spent the last six years owning and coaching at San Diego Athletics in Pacific Beach, Ca.

Since then, my team and I have treated every type of person imaginable – pro athletes, Navy SEALs, grandmothers, Weekend Warriors. But my adaptive athletes and wounded warriors are the ones from whom I take the most inspiration.
pro athletes

I have a lot of clients, but ladies and kids hour always makes me really happy.

I’ve been blessed with some of the best mentors in the world of movement health and physical therapy, 
and that knowledge has led me to 
teaching courses around the globe.
best mentor

I spent eleven years training and competing in the
sport of CrossFit.

I am a former Marine Corps Engineer Officer and 
Combat Veteran.
marine corps
I am a proud member of the “One Ton Club” at Hard Nocks South, the home of John Cena 
one ton club
My parents taught me to serve others, and to honor them I do what I can to share the battles I’ve faced in the hopes my experiences will help or inspire others. My recently published memoir shares quite a bit… I am also an advocate for Team Red White and Blue, Linder Kids, Service Women Action Network, and the 
National Eating Disorder Association.
women action

If I am not in the gym coaching people, you can find me in the Pacific Ocean surfing

ocean surfing
I’m able to do what I can do because of the guidance and support of my bucket list of a husband.
guidance and support
None of this would be possible without my amazingly supportive wife.
My best quirk…seeing things a little differently :)

And my number one recommendation for the greatest vacation ever. Go on Safari.
logo low back fix
We created the The Low Back Fix, The Knee Fix, and The Shoulder Fix out of the frustration of seeing the same AVOIDABLE injuries over and over again.  We were limited in how many people we could serve, and wanted a better way to help fix more of you.  We met for coffee one day, and our frustration turned into inspiration!

These Your Movement Rx programs have helped thousands of people so far.  We hope you become our next success story.

Thank you so much for hanging out with us!

Theresa & Anders
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