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An Intro to our Philosophy
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The Low Back Fix is the industry leading, state of the art, online rehabilitation program that combines cutting edge physical therapy, movement, and strength training.

Through the leadership of Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT and Anders Varner, CFSC CFL2, The Low Back Fix has combined best practices developed over 20 years of research, coaching, and treatment of 80,000 athletes and patients worldwide.

We created The Low Back Fix as a movement-based platform designed to create a customized approach to healing low back pain at its source. Our aim is to educate you on the root causes of the pain, give you a program to follow and help you live pain free forever.

You Are Not Alone
The American Chiropractic Association estimates that at any given time 31 million Americans are experiencing low back pain and 80% of the population will suffer from back pain in their life. It is the leading cause of disability and lost wages in the U.S., and Americans spend over $50 billion per year treating the symptoms of this pain.

More importantly, over 85% of low back pain is mechanical in nature and therefore AVOIDABLE. Mechanical issues result from poor movement patterns and posture, over-exposure to sitting, and a loss of flexibility, stability, or balance. Mechanical issues refer to a breakdown in the system of movement that is innate to our health, longevity, and ability to live pain free.

Understanding Pain
The human body is comprised of unique systems that work together to allow you to move throughout your day. You’re familiar with most of these (think cardiovascular system, digestive system). Although you experience pain, there is no pain system in the human body. Pain is a response to a threat. Your body uses pain as a mechanism to avoid the threat.

Your spine is the highway that sends signals from your brain to your entire body. It is very important to your daily function, survival, and long term health. Any damage done to the spine is clearly a very bad thing and your brain is hyper-aware of keeping the spine safe. With any sense of threat the brain will fire the pain signal to your low back varying in levels of pain from “slightly uncomfortable” to “debilitating.”

Your Spine is Important
The spine is the most important structure in the human body. It is made up of bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, vertebrae, and disks that stack on top of each other from the base of the brain to below your hips.

Every single movement your body makes involves the spine. Sitting down, reaching, bending, twisting, and standing all expose the spine to movement.

Your body is designed to move in certain ways, which we at The Low Back Fix call global movement patterns. These patterns, when done correctly, protect the spine, vertebrae, and disks. Because of the rigors of daily life, activity, and work setting, your body will begin to develop some bad movement habits. Rarely, however, will the pain hit right away. Your muscles and bones take the brunt of the impact from poor movement. Over time however, the muscle tissue breaks down and your spine becomes vulnerable to injury. The brain quickly recognizes this threat, sends the pain signal to your low back, and now you suffer from chronic low back pain.
Eight Principles of Living Pain Free 
If poor movement patterns were the cause of pain, proper movement patterns are the answer to solving pain.

The Low Back Fix is a movement based digital rehabilitation program design to restore the global movement patterns using cutting edge physical therapy, movement, and strength training.

To restore these movement patterns, The Low Back Fix will structure a program customized to your specific diagnosis using these eight principles:

1. Individualized Assessment – Your specific pain and movement limitations will direct the program. There is no one size fits all approach to your specific needs and you will be treated as an individual.

2. Down Regulation - Your body stores stress in its tissues creating tight muscles. Stretching is great but has its limitations. The Low Back Fix incorporates down regulation techniques to relieve stress and promote tissue health.

3. Mobility - Lacking full range of motion in your joints will put unnecessary stress on your spine. A customized mobility plan will break down those sticking points.

4. Stability - Controlling joints through a full range of motion is just as important as having proper range of motion. If you stretch too far, you will start pulling on connective tissues and creating flexibility in places that do not need it.

5. Balance - Having a stronger side or lacking glute and hamstring strength forces imbalances that put additional stress on one side of the spine. The Low Back Fix will create balance by eliminating weak areas and activating musculature you are not currently using.

6. Strength -  Once you activate and balance the musculature, now you can begin to add some strength to the system. You need to be strong enough to maintain these global movement patterns to protect your spine.

7. Power - Walking, running, picking up your laundry, and playing with your kids force the body to express power. When you are in pain you move slowly. In real life, you have to move at all speeds and The Low Back Fix implements training for real-life scenarios into your plan.

8. Conditioning -  You need to be able to perform these movements throughout an entire day. As you get tired, your movement quality deteriorates. Conditioning allows you maintain quality movement patterns over a duration of time.

The Low Back Fix is a one of a kind system of movement that combines these eight principles into a customized rehabilitation plan.

No More Doctors
When you walk into your doctor’s office, their goal is to make you feel better. Seeing a chiropractor will lead to getting cracked, your general practitioner will prescribe pain pills or shots, ART specialist will give a deep soft tissue manipulation, and a massage therapist will give you a therapeutic massage.

Most likely, you will feel better for a day or two but the pain will inevitably return.
These specialists practice what is called passive therapy. They treat the symptoms but not the root causes of the pain. Symptoms are tight muscles, poor flexibility, and pain, however, none of them solve the root cause of the pain, poor movement.

To solve this problem forever, you need an active rehabilitation plan that incorporates the eight principles of living pain free and provides a long-term solution to your problems. Treating symptoms and passive therapies are not the answer.

Actively improve your global movement patterns and you will never have to see a specialist again.

Your Movement Prescription
You now understand pain, the spine, the fundamentals of movement, and the eight principles of living pain free.

The Low Back Fix is here to remove the guess work and lead you down the path to an empowered, pain free life.

Your Movement Prescription is a daily movement plan, customized and structured to meet your needs. All you need to do is log in and follow the plan.

There is no shot, pill, neck crack, or massage that can replace the success, health, and longevity provided by a proper movement plan, The Low Back Fix.

Take action now.

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