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IMPORTANTif you are serious about getting rid of back pain (of course you are – we all are), read below on how to get access to 60 minutes of Low Back Fix instruction for just $7 (the price of a daily coffee habit).
Introducing the
Low Back Fix Workshop
60 Minutes of Instruction
Identify and start solving the real causes of your Low Back Pain.

Everyone will benefit.  Even Huggy Bear.
This is what selfies look like with no back pain.


This is normal.
Back pain is NOT normal.
How do you get back to...normal?
"There must be a way to be free of this low back pain!"

Sound like something you've thought, said, or screamed?

You're not alone.

Watch this snippet from the Workshop where Dr. Theresa talks about her low back pain experience (this experience was just before she began her Doctor of Physical Therapy program).
Your low back pain has likely made you change something.  Think about that for a second...

What are you not doing now that you used to? 

In our minds, changing just one thing is one too many.

So you’ve done what you think are the right things...

You’ve stopped your activities…

You visited a health professional…many times.

You found a different chair at work...or you even changed your mattress.

You may have even put orthotics in your shoes…or found some painkillers...

Or you’re just a maniac and you’re pushing through it all.

But let us ask you a question...

Is any of that actually helping?

Meaning, is your pain gone and have you returned to doing what you love to do?
If you’re like most, the answer is simple…NO!

In fact, you’re probably getting more and more frustrated at the lack of real solutions...

You’ve given up on things you like to do, you’re probably less pleasant to be around, AND you still have pain?

That changes today.
Let us repeat ourselves.  That changes today.
Start getting the benefit of our combined 20+ years of hands-on, in-the-trenches medical and fitness knowledge so you can empower yourself for the rest of your life.

We have married expert strength and conditioning knowledge with expert rehab knowledge.  Just for you.

We KNOW YOU'RE SERIOUS, because you made it this far!  We're giving you a special offer price to make this an easy decision.
A Sneak Peak
 Learn What Simple Tests You Can Take To Determine Where Your Low Back Pain Comes From and Drills to Help.
(Below are some of the 15 Modules You'll Get During This Workshop)
Module #1:
What is Pain?
Module #4:
Test #1:  Sit to Stand SAMPLE
Module #5:
Test #2:  Toe Touch SAMPLE
Module #6:
First Rule of Positions
Module #7:
Test #3: Neutral Spine SAMPLE
Module #9:
Drill #1:  Breathing
Module #12:
Third Rule of Positions
Module #14:
Drill #2:  Banded Glute
You're going to walk away with these skills...
  •    4 ways to test for your movement dysfunctions.
  •    Knowledge of how those dysfunctions are causing your low back pain.
  •    4 Key Drills to do to help re-wire your body and remove stress on the low back.
  •    4 Rules of Movement and how to improve your body's ability to follow those Rules.
  •    An introduction to the power of down regulation through breathing, and using the breath to fix        your spine from the inside out. 
  •    The confidence to know you have been shown the pathway to low back health.  How far you travel    down that path with us is up to you.
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We know you will find value in this program.  If for any reason you don't, let us know in the first 30 days and we'll refund your purchase.
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